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Bowerman Blueberries Michigan MAEAP Verification

If you drive by our farm regularly, you may have noticed a new sign on the farm.  The sign promotes that our farm is verified by the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP) for the Farmstead System and Cropping System.

MAEAP verified farms help keep their land, water and air as healthy as the food they produce. MAEAP is a voluntary program, and MAEAP verified farms represent the highest standards of environmental stewardship and responsible agriculture.  Bowerman Blueberries is proud to be one of them!

High Tunnels over Michigan Hydroponic Strawberries

Here is a picture of our 2 NEW high tunnels we had built over our hydroponic strawberry field. High tunnels (essentially greenhouses that rely only on solar heating) look to be part of the “future of farming.” They protect crops from natural elements, extend growing seasons and aid in producing higher yields.

This year is a test year, and if all goes well, we will likely build more tunnels on the farm!  There are more pictures to view on our Facebook page in the album “Spring on the Farm.”