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Unusual Michigan Spring Weather 2012

It is hard to believe that next week will be MAY!  Here in West MI the winter was especially mild, so it really feels like we went straight to spring from fall.  We had two weeks of 80+ degree temperatures, so the blueberry bushes are blossoming ahead of schedule.  The only problem is that the temperatures have returned to normal so that means many frosty nights for MI farmers to deal with.

Blueberries are only one of the many MI fruits with fragile blossoms susceptible to frost damage: apples, cherries, peaches, grapes, strawberries…and the list can go on.  We pray for the many MI farmers experiencing sleepless nights fighting to save their crops this month and through May.

I am posting some photos taken showing the blueberry blossoms and what the irrigation water does to the bushes.  The ice created by the irrigation actually creates a protective barrier for the fragile blossoms so the temp inside the ice remains at 32 degrees, even though the temp outside the ice may be 28 degrees (which would severely damage the fragile blossom).