Sweet Blueberries available Washed & Frozen

We now have our sweet blueberries available already washed and frozen for your convenience!  Current sizes available include:

– 5# box for $12

– 10# box for $22

– 30# box for $57 (1.90/#)

We are often asked, just how BIG is that 30# box of blueberries??  Think mailbox size.  It is a great option if your family eats a lot of yummy blueberries all winter long!  It is also great if you want to split it up with friends and family.

The easiest way to do this is to drop the box a few times on a cement floor so the berries “loosen” and come apart like marbles.  You can then divide them into ziplock freezer baggies or other freezable containers.  I put them into quart ziplocks and get 20 bags per 30# box.

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